Brigitte ribbentrop


After the war he became a successful lawyer, and went on to join the governments of Chancellors Engelbert Dollfuss and Kurt Schuschnigg. InSchuschnigg resigned in the face of a German invasion, and Seyss-Inquart was appointed his successor. The newly installed Nazis proceeded to transfer power to Germany, and Austria subsequently became the German province of Ostmarkwith Seyss-Inquart as its governor Reichsstatthalter.

He instituted a reign of terror, with Dutch civilians subjected to forced labour and the vast majority of Dutch Jews deported and murdered. At the Nuremberg trialsSeyss-Inquart was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanitysentenced to death, and executed.

This area constituted a German linguistic island in the midst of a Czech-speaking region; this may have contributed to the outspoken national consciousness of the family, and the young Arthur in particular.

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Iglau was an important town in Moraviaone of the Czech provinces of the Austro-Hungarian Empirein which there was increasing competition between Germans and Czechs.

His father was Czech and his mother was German. The family moved to Vienna in Seyss-Inquart later studied law at the University of Vienna. He was decorated for bravery on a number of occasions, and while recovering from wounds inhe completed his final examinations for his degree. Seyss-Inquart had five older siblings: Hedwig bornRichard born 3 Aprilbecame a Catholic priest, but left the Church and ministry, married in a civil ceremony and became Oberregierungsrat senior government counsel and prison superior by in the OstmarkIrene bornHenriette born and Robert born InSeyss-Inquart met Gertrud Maschka.

He went into law after the war and in set up his own practice. A successful lawyer, he was invited to join the cabinet of Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss in He later became a devotee of Heinrich Himmler 's concepts of racial purity and sponsored various expeditions to Tibet and other parts of Asia in hopes of proving Aryan racial concepts and theories. He was not initially a member of the Austrian National Socialist party, though he was sympathetic to many of their views and actions.

In FebruarySeyss-Inquart was appointed Austrian Minister of the Interior by Schuschnigg, after Hitler had threatened Schuschnigg with military actions against Austria in the event of non-compliance. On 11 Marchfaced with a German invasion aimed at preventing a plebiscite on independence, Schuschnigg resigned as Austrian Chancellor.

On the next day German troops crossed the border of Austria at the telegraphed invitation of Seyss-Inquart. This telegram had actually been drafted beforehand and was released after the troops had begun to march, so as to justify the action in the eyes of the international community.

Before his triumphant entry into ViennaHitler had planned to leave Austria as a pro-Nazi puppet state headed by Seyss-Inquart. However, the acclamation for the German army from the majority of the Austrian population led Hitler to change course and opt for a full Anschlussin which Austria was incorporated into the Third Reich as the province of Ostmark. Seyss-Inquart drafted the legislative act reducing Austria to a province of Germany and signed it into law on 13 March. With Hitler's approval he became Governor Reichsstatthalter of the newly named Ostmark, thus becoming Hitler's personal representative in Austria.

Almost as soon as he took office, he ordered the confiscation of Jewish property and sent Jews to concentration camps.He previously served as a professor of economics at the University of Viennaand after joining politics, as the spokesman of the Austrian Green Party.

As a descendant of the Russian aristocratic von der Bellen Van der Bellen family of patrilineal Dutch ancestry, he was born in Austria to Russian and Estonian parents who were refugees from Stalinismand became a naturalized citizen of Austria together with his parents in He was a member of the National Council representing the Green Party there from toand served as both leader of the party as well as its parliamentary group.

He ran as a nominally independent candidate supported by the Greens in the presidential electionand finished second out of six in the first round before winning the second round against Norbert Hofera member of the Freedom Party.

Van der Bellen has described himself as a centrist liberal [10] and supports green and social liberal policies. As discussed in his book, [11] he is supportive of the European Union and advocates European federalism.

In the s Van der Bellen's patrilineal ancestors emigrated from the Netherlands into the Russian Empire. During the Russian Civil War part of his family escaped from the Bolsheviks and migrated to the newly independent Republic of Estonia.

Before this Van der Bellen's grandfather Aleksander von der Bellen served as the head of the civilian regional government in Pskov. As the Red Army approached Vienna, the family escaped to the Kaunertal in Tyrolwhere his father later became active as a businessman again.

Inafter completing primary school in Innsbruck, Van der Bellen started attending the Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck where he graduated in with his Matura. Until this time Van der Bellen had Estonian citizenship like his parents, obtaining Austrian citizenship around According to Van der Bellen himself, he did not complete the mandatory service in the Bundesheer.

He underwent a Musterung military fitness check twice, the first one resulting in his being rated as unfit untauglich. However, he successfully passed the second one. Later, he received several respites during his studies and after his marriage. After that Van der Bellen was no long summoned for service, due to his subsequent professorship.

He completed his studies in as Diplom-Volkswirt. With his dissertation Kollektive Haushalte und gemeinwirtschaftliche Unternehmungen: Probleme ihrer Koordination "Collective households and public-service enterprises: Problems of their coordination" he was awarded the title of Dr. From to he served as a scientific assistant of Clemens August Andreae at the public finance institution of the University of Innsbruck, and from to as research fellow at the international institution for management and administration of the WZB Berlin Social Science Center.

He established a friendship with Turkish economist Murat R. Sertel, with who he worked on decision and preference theories and later on published several articles and discussion papers. In Van der Bellen was appointed extraordinary university professor at the Innsbruck University, where he remained until During this time he moved to Vienna to study and research from to at the Verwaltungsakademie des Bundes. From to he was extraordinary university professor for economics at the University of Vienna.

Between and he there also became dean of the faculty for economics at University of Vienna. In October he became parliamentary leader of the Greens in the National Council and thus resigned as university professor in January Van der Bellen retired in February Van der Bellen's research focused on planning and financing procedures in the public sector, infrastructure financing, fiscal policy, public expenditure, government regulation policy, public undertakings, and environmental and transport policy.

Van der Bellen married when he was 18 years old and became a father for the first time at He had two sons with her. He lives in Vienna and in KaunertalTyrol. As a young man Van der Bellen left the Evangelical Church, because he was upset about his local pastor. According to his own words he does not believe in the one Godbut in a "message or vision" " Botschaft oder Vision "which in his view the New Testament states.

However, in an interview in he stated, that he re-joined the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession the same year. According to his own statement, Van der Bellen joined the only existing Freemason chapter in Innsbruck at the time, although he participated at meetings for a year, which he described as "being active".By Michael Thornton for the Daily Mail.

But how much of a love story was it?

Alexander Van der Bellen

After all, he abandoned his throne, country and reputation to make her his wife, and was condemned to a life in exile as a result. But whether Wallis, who was conducting simultaneous affairs with four other men, ever truly loved the besotted monarch in return is debatable.

Was it actually the case that she became trapped into marriage with a man she had come privately to despise?

brigitte ribbentrop

New evidence supporting the latter view is provided in a Scotland Yard dossier that has been unearthed by academics for a Channel 4 documentary series, Spying On The Royals. Both she and her husband, Ernest, were also monitored by Scotland Yard and the intelligence services.

From her teenage years, she seems to have been irresistible to men. After problems in her first marriage to a violent, alcoholic U. The reunion was short-lived and they separated soon after.

brigitte ribbentrop

She became pregnant and underwent a botched abortion that left her with gynaecological problems for the rest of her life. He became infatuated and divorced his first wife to marry her in They set up home in London, where they were soon at the centre of a fashionable, well-connected circle.

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Sexually inadequate and far from well endowed, he suffered from premature ejaculation, leaving his partners frustrated and unsatisfied. Wallis, with a sexual repertoire that included techniques variously known as the Baltimore grip, Shanghai squeeze or China clinch, was reputed to be the only woman capable of alleviating this condition.

She was well-rewarded for her expertise. Apart from her husband, Ernest Simpson, with whom she was still living during the royal affair, there were at least four other men in her life. He [Trundle] is said to boast that every woman falls for him.

He meets Mrs Simpson quite openly at informal social gatherings as a personal friend, but secret meetings are made by appointment when intimate relations take place. William C. He took to sending her 17 carnations or long-stemmed red roses daily, allegedly to remind her of the number of nights they had spent together.

Wallis was also reported to be in a sexual relationship with William C. Bullitt, the allegedly pro-Nazi American ambassador to France in the years immediately before the war, while the fourth man was someone well-known to me personally. Relations between Fitz and Wallis resumed inafter the Windsors had returned to France from the Bahamas, where the Duke had been Governor.

A charming man and very much a gentleman, Fitz confessed to me that the running in this relationship was made almost entirely by Wallis, but that he found it impossible to resist her advances.

The Queen Mother and Wallis Simpson was the most savage royal feud, says confidant MICHAEL THORNTON

Please send Fitz my love. I have such happy memories of him.In post-war Britain, Stevens, the butler of Darlington Hall, receives a letter from Miss Kenton, a former colleague employed as the housekeeper some twenty years earlier, now separated from her husband.

Their former employer, The Earl of Darlingtonhas died a broken man, his reputation destroyed after he was exposed as a Nazi sympathizer, and his stately country manor has been sold to a retired United States CongressmanMr. Jack Lewis. Stevens is granted permission to borrow Lewis' Daimlerand he sets off to the West Country to see Miss Kenton, in the hope that she will return as housekeeper. The film flashes back to Kenton's arrival as housekeeper in the s.

The ever-efficient Stevens manages the household well, taking great pride in and deriving his entire identity from his profession. Miss Kenton, too, proves to be a valuable servant, and she is equally efficient and strong-willed, but also warmer and less repressed.

Stevens and Kenton occasionally butt heads, particularly when she observes that Stevens's father also a former butler but now in the employ for Lord Darlington is in failing health and no longer able to perform his duties, which Stevens stubbornly refuses to acknowledge. Stevens' professional dedication is fully displayed when, while his father lies dying, he steadfastly continues his butler duties. Relations between Stevens and Kenton eventually thaw, and it becomes clear she has feelings for him.

Despite their proximity and shared purpose, Stevens' outward detachment remains unchanged; his first and only loyalty is to his service as Lord Darlington's butler.

In a scene of agonised repression, Miss Kenton embarrasses Stevens when she catches him reading a book. Curious, she forces it out of his hand, and finds to her disappointment it is an ordinary romance novel; Stevens explains to Miss Kenton he was reading it only to improve his vocabulary, and asks her not to invade his private time again.

Meanwhile, Darlington Hall is regularly frequented by politicians of the interwar periodand many of Lord Darlington's guests are like-minded, fascist -sympathizing British and European aristocrats, with the exception of the more pragmatic Congressman Lewis, who does not share the "noble instincts" of Lord Darlington and his guests. Lewis informs the "gentleman politicians" in his midst that they are meddling amateurs and that "Europe has become the arena of Realpolitik " and warns them they are "headed for disaster.

The episode demonstrates to Wren and to the other aristocratic guests present that the lower classes are too ignorant and unworthy to have an opinion. Wren then says, " Q. Darlington later meets Prime Minister Chamberlain and the German Ambassador, and uses his influence to try to broker a policy of appeasement towards Nazi Germanybased on his belief that Germany had been unfairly treated by the Treaty of Versailles following the First World War and only desires peace.

In the midst of these events, and after overhearing Sir Geoffrey Wren praising Nazi racial lawsDarlington suddenly requests that two newly-appointed German-Jewish maids, both refugees, should be dismissed, despite Stevens's mild protest that they are good workers.

Nevertheless, Stevens carries out Lord Darlington's command, despite a horrified Miss Kenton threatening to resign in protest.

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Miss Kenton later confides in Stevens that she has no family and nowhere to go should she leave Darlington Hall, and is ashamed to not follow up on her threat to resign.One of Hitler's most senior Nazis set his heart on a stylish retirement in Cornwall following Germany's invasion of Britain, new research reveals. Joachim von Ribbentrop, the Fuhrer's foreign minister, planned to live in St Michael's Mount, one of the most beautiful locations in the country.

He had served as the Nazi ambassador to Britain in the late 30s and had his eye on the picturesque tidal island, which is yards offshore, after spending a week in Cornwall in He also plotted to keep Tregenna Castle, near St Ives, as a holiday home once the Nazis had achieved world domination. Von Ribbentrop's love affair with Cornwall tallies with stories that the Luftwaffe was ordered to avoid bombing particular sections of the Cornish coast.

He was one of Hitler's closest henchmen and was notorious for his arrogance when serving in London. He was eventually hanged as a war criminal following the Nuremburg Trials. His designs on Cornwall emerged after local artist Andrew Lanyon spent three years researching the Nazi's links with the county.

Drawing on local testimony and contemporary reports, he said Von Ribbentrop had expressed a desire to move there after the war. He said: 'In one visit, he was here for about five days in He brought his aides with him and went to St Ives. He said: "You are going to be invaded, you need an air raid shelter. But when he saw St Michael's Mount he thought that was better - I suspect he wanted Tregenna Castle as his holiday home, he was that arrogant.

One of the reasons that my own grandfather joined Bomber Command was because he had spent half a day playing golf with Ribbentrop, and felt dirty. He was terribly boastful. He said that local resident Michael Lyne had been with his grandfather when he met up with Ribbentrop.

After the meeting, his grandfather told him: 'Ribbentrop has told me when they get world domination he is going to live on St Michael's Mount and Cornwall will belong to him.

Arthur Seyss-Inquart

The artist's theory is demonstrated in his exhibition, Von Ribbentrop in St Ives, which opened last week at Kestle Barton, and shows a dossier containing landmarks along the south coast intended to help the invasion force.

The German also bought a series of holiday postcards from the area that were later used to illustrate a top secret Nazi guide. But Von Ribbentrop's scheming came to nothing - and in his final days he crossed paths with Mr Lyne again. Protected: Von Ribbentrop is said to have told the Luftwaffe not to bomb the area. He said: "Your plans didn't work out quite as you planned, did they? In archived documents written by Ribbentrop's aides, Mr Lanyon has unearthed evidence that the diplomat was frequently allowed to spend time in Cornwall because he was considered to have become a political liability in London.

brigitte ribbentrop

But he fell in love with this area,' he said. Argos AO. Joachim von Ribbentrop: 'Protected St Ives from bombing'. Share or comment on this article: How Hitler's foreign minister planned to retire in Cornwall after Nazi conquest of Britain. AI scanners monitor pedestrian's social distancing Thailand: Authorities seen on site after train crashes into bus CCTV shows moment train crashes into bus in Thailand Lincolnshire: Lammergeier seen flying with flock of other birds 'Patriot Muster' counter protester shot at BLM march in Denver Computer images show how coronavirus looks like up close.By Michael Thornton for the Daily Mail.

During the turbulent history of the House of Windsor, royal sisters-in-law have seldom emerged as intimate friends. Court circles have reverberated with rumours that Kate and Meghan are not exactly on hugging terms, although both have laughed off suggestions of a rift.

But for sheer virulence and long-lasting antipathy no royal feud in living memory quite measures up to the steely and implacable ostracism practised for 50 years by the late Queen Mother against her despised and twice-divorced American sister-in-law, Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor.

His reign lasted less than 11 months. Both of them believed this. For sheer virulence and long-lasting antipathy, no royal feud in living memory quite measures up to the ostracism practised for 50 years by the Queen Mother against Wallis Simpson. This was far from the first exchange between these two formidable adversaries. Wallis said she had no sense of humour.

I had been expecting only to meet her Private Secretary, Lt Colonel Sir Martin Gilliat, an urbane homosexual somewhat given to rolling his eyes at handsome guardsmen.

The Duke of Windsor had by then been dead for six years, and with some trepidation I very gently raised the subject of the Abdication crisis.

Task Force Baum - Patton's Insane Rescue Mission 1945

Once again she was elusive and lifted her hand to halt me in mid-sentence. It was a tragedy because he [referring to her brother-in-law] used to be such fun before she came along. I am afraid the truth is that at that time he was rather more than a little mad. The Duchess imposed no such embargo. We were never allowed to go back, and we never will be allowed. She will never permit it.

When we are dead, perhaps she may at last forgive us. The Windsors then embarked on an unconvincing catalogue of all the paranoid rumours they had believed about Elizabeth for decades. They claimed Elizabeth had really wanted to marry the Duke herself and become the Princess of Wales. When the Duke of Windsor learned of this, he was reported to be extremely worried.

It makes me feel I can look the East End in the face. Inafter more than 30 years of estrangement, the sisters-in-law came face to face at the unveiling of a plaque in The Mall to Queen Mary. As banks of cameras flashed and clicked, they maintained a long and uncomfortable handshake, but Wallis pointedly omitted to curtsey to a crowned and annointed Queen.Gambling involves high bet predictions 1x2 psychological and financial risk.

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